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Therapeutic Touch of Ponte Vedra, Inc.

Therapeutic Touch of Ponte Vedra, Inc is a massage-based holistic wellness and healing practice developed by Terri Bishop-Brahen in 1996.  Offering a well rounded menu of therapy treatments, clients feel an overall sense of balance and well being.  The goal is attentive treatment to help individuals experience improvement in many acute and/or chronic conditions.  Self-awareness of mind, body, and spirit are integrated for clients of all ages to experience healing benefits. 


Explore the value of receiving Lymphatic Drainage Therapy to enhance the flow of the lymphatic system and enhance immune system functioning.  Learn skills to manage Lymphedema.  Understanding the value of combining other treatment modalities for optimal therapy outcomes. 

Therapeutic Touch of Ponte Vedra, Inc.  MM8630  (904)273-8838  
6 Fairfield Blvd, Suite 12 
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082