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Reflexology is a complementary and scientifically based bodywork of applying alternating pressure using hands, fingers, and/or thumbs to the feet or hands.  Reflex points relating to other body parts are stimulated to create an improvement of the imbalances in those systems. The right hand and foot corresponds to the right side of the body and the left hand and foot corresponds to the left side of the body. Research has shown that stimulating the reflex points relating to imbalances of a specific organ system can make positive changes towards rebalancing that body system.


Modern reflexology practices are drawn from many ancient cultures dating back 4,000 years from civilizations in Egypt, Greece, India, China, Japan, Europe, and North America. The ancients saw the feet as a representation of the body as a whole or symbolizing the unity with the entire universe.

Principles Behind Reflexology

 The mechanism behind reflexology is believed to be that:

certain parts of the body reflect the whole
feet, hands, face, and ears have reflex points that relate to other body parts
stimulating nerve pathways in the foot creates an electrochemical flow that communicates to the entire nervous system
the points respond to applied pressure, thus stimulating the body's natural healing
the body responds by progressively clearing blockages
the body reestablishes energy flow, balances itself, and returns to better health

Benefits Resulting From Reflexology

A reflexology session is generally a relaxing experience.  Reducing stress creates balance in the body or "homeostasis".  Benefits reported by recipients and research studies include: 

decreased pain
decreased heart rate
decreased blood sugar
lowered body temperature
improved healing
improved immune system response
improved lymphatic flow
increased blood flow
improved elimination
improvement in sleep patterns
cleansing and renewal of the internal energy system
increased self awareness
adjustment into emotional balance
enhances meditation practices

What to expect during a Reflexology session at Therapeutic Touch of Ponte Vedra, Inc:
The client remains clothed and only removes footwear.  The session is started with a warm water footbath or the feet are cleansed with warm, moist towels.  Foot scrubs, essential oils, or lotions are designed for the particular needs of the client.  A reclining chair or massage table and comfortable room environment supports the client's positive outcome from the session.