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 Laser Therapy  

LTU-904 Portable Laser Therapy Unit

Low Level Laser Therapy or "LLLT" is the treatment for various conditions, such as fibrotic tissue buildup relating to lymphedema, using a specialized laser to effect a photochemical reaction at the cellular level. The laser light penetrates tissue where it is absorbed by cells and converted into energy that influences the course of metabolic processes. The softened fibrotic tissue allows for improved lymphatic flow and reduced edema. The LTU-904 does not heat the body tissue.

The LTU-904 Laser Therapy Unit is a hand-held battery powered infra-red treatment device. It is non-thermal (no heat) and delivers a controlled series of 200ns burst pulses of 904nm (nanometer) laser beam. The near infrared spectrum is invisible to the human eye with a wavelength penetrating up to 2 cm (3/4 inch) into the tissue. It is classified as a Class 1 Laser according to the USA FDA 21 CFR 1040.11 regulations. It is manufactured by RianCorp Pty Ltd of South Australia.

Clinical Testing and Lymphedema Results

Clinical trials (double blind, randomized, placebo controlled, and crossover) using the LTU-940 to treat post mastectomy lymphedema resulted in reduced arm fluid volume, reduced extra-cellular fluid in the affected arm, and halting of tissue hardening, in comparison with placebo.

The laser therapy is used in conjunction with manual lymph drainage by a qualified therapist and a client's home therapy program.